My name is Tracy, hence the name Tracy’s NYC.  I’ve become addicted to New York City in the last couple of years.  I live 2 hours away, but get in for the day at least once a month.  I consider myself a New Yorker at heart – I just could never afford to live there!   It’s in my heart, in my soul.  The crazy rush of it all makes me so happy, and actually brings me a sense of peace.  If I go more than 2 months without being there, I actually get very antsy and irritable.

Many people are afraid of New York.  They say it’s so big, noisy, dangerous.  They say the people are rude.  It is big, the city actually encompasses the 5 boros of Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island.  But when referring to the city, they usually mean Manhattan, which is an island of just about 23 square miles.  Doesn’t sound like so much, huh?  It is when you’re walking it!  It is noisy, and bustling, and full of activity, which I love.  There are different accents and languages spoken everywhere you go.  Yes, there are some dangerous areas, but the city today is not the city of the 70’s and early 80’s.  And you just have to use common sense, like you would anywhere.  As for the people being rude, I was quickly dispelled of that notion my first trip in, and have found friendly New Yorkers wherever I go.  I have found some of the friendliest, most helpful people there, even more so than in the suburban/rural area where I live.

So my blog is going to be what I like about NYC.  I’m not a theater or museum buff, though there are a couple unusual museums I do like.  I’m also not one to go to the tourist attractions.  For those kinds of things you’ll have to use a guide book or another website.  Though eventually I may include some basic information about things like that.

What you will see are unusual, somewhat unknown things I’ve found.  Things I’ve done, things that are on my list to do.  Walking tours; beautiful architectural details that you would normally pass by, but will be glad you found; subway tours; the best cupcakes in the world (in my opinion); and many other things.

I hope you enjoy the blog, and that you enjoy the NYC that I have discovered.

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